Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account

Enhance the entire account holder relationship

Universal Issuing Platform – Electronic Value Distribution

Create additional revenue streams for your company with a low-cost solution for the management of all your Value-Added Services

Card Management System

Take control of your card product lifecycle
The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account product consists of:

  • Modules for digital banking
  • Issuing Platform (UIP), managing store of value, ranging from wallets to basic savings and revolving credit
  • Member profile management system (CIF)
  • Rewards Engine to drive CRM
  • Issuing Portal (Digital channel)
  • Regulatory reporting tools (BOP, AML and CTF)
  • Traderoot Back Office

Stay ahead of the competition

In this fast-paced, consumer-driven society, it is more important than ever to deliver the products your customers want, when they want them, through any payment channel – ATM, POS, m-commerce and e-commerce. Using the internet and digital channels, you can offer your customers access to their account information and P2B and P2P payment options.

The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account allows you to offer new financial products to your customers in the fastest way possible. It allows you to bring new products to market in days. With easy management of all products through proactive tools, such as alerts and triggers based on business-driven rules, you have the flexibility to adapt to the changing market.

For future-proofing, the UIP–Core Account supports open banking standards (PSD2) through the use of APIs.

Value-Added Services

The Traderoot Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account also opens non-traditional revenue streams by giving you the option of offering value-added services such as prepaid airtime, electricity and third-party vouchers, so you can offer your customers everything they need under one roof.

Reward your customers

With the ability to issue loyalty, discount and reward cards you can drive the behaviour you want with your customers and give them the best experience possible. The system provides full Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities, which enables you to drive targeted marketing campaigns. With the ability to send your customers notifications directly from the system, you can engage with them more effectively.

Traderoot Back Office

The UIP–Core Account includes the Traderoot Back Office, which uses a treasury framework to periodically calculate the status of merchant accounts in terms of exposure and liability per merchant, retail outlet, scheme and member. Interest, fees and commission calculations can be aggregated to general ledger forms, which means you have all the information to make sound business decisions when you need it. The system can also generate financial documents and export them to standard accounting packages.

Features of the Traderoot Back Office include:

  • Easy customer enrolment, supporting modern financial inclusion and agency banking methods
  • Assisted KYC and FICA processes
  • Customer fee and subscription collection
  • Customer notifications by email or SMS
  • Production of financial statements and tax certificates
  • Posting of financial journals to general ledger or accounting software for end-of-day or end-of-month reconciliation
  • MIS data for business insights and customer profiling

Build and manage the holistic relationship with your account holders

In this extremely competitive marketplace, it is imperative that your existing account holders remain regular customers who actively engage with the features of your products. You also have to be able to attract new applicants with a diverse and attractive product line. As customers’ demands shift, you need to be able to adapt quickly and ensure that you offer them products they want at a price they are willing to pay. You have to be able to get your product to market quicker than your competitors in order to remain a viable choice in your customers’ eyes.

The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account includes a member profile manager that gives you power and flexibility in managing the relationship with members and account holders from beginning to end. Call centre agents get real-time access directly to members’ accounts using the Traderoot Relations Portal™, so you can be sure you are giving your customers the best level of service.

Maximise your revenue

The UIP–Core Account provides a simple interface for setting fees, which helps you give your customers the best product in a way that remains profitable for you. The system allows for fixed fees, percentage thresholds and subscription fees – or a combination of all three – to help you maximise your revenue.

Full range of products supported

The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account from Traderoot Europe supports the full range of products – core accounts, transaction accounts, credit accounts and prepaid card accounts. It can also manage loyalty points and reward card profiles, and it can manage e-wallets through the use of mobile phones or virtual cards.

The UIP–Core Account also gives you the tools to deliver and manage card products for your customers using an intuitive user interface. This includes managing the cardholder status throughout the card lifecycle. The UIP–Core Account integrates with external card management systems, which store the card profiles, in order to maintain the cardholder profile.

Tailor-made core account products

Every customer wants to feel like they are your only customer. With the Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account, it is easy to tailor-make financial product ranges – all the way down to subscriptions, fees and taxation – that suit a variety of customer segments, and to do it in an efficient way that results in a profitable product for your business.

Issuing Portal (Customer interface)

Issuing Portal (Customer interface)

The issuing portal gives your customers web access to view their accounts and transact with them. The interface comes with a standard skin, but it can be customised into any existing web-facing format. With the ability to connect via desktop, USSD, mobile (WAP) or smartphone apps, your customers will be able to transact anywhere and at any time.


  • Enables financial inclusion and co-operative banking
  • Maximises revenue through flexible fee structures
  • Offers Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Allows you to be first to market with new products
  • Gives full control with granular real-time data
  • Builds and manages holistic relationships with your account holders
  • Allows you to get to know the customer so that you can reward customers
  • Allows you to own the customer experience by tailor-making core account products


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