Payment Service Provider – Channel

Take control and reduce the cost of all your payment streams

Payment Service Provider – Acquirer

Own and manage the full merchant relationship

Payment System Operator

Centralise clearing and settlement for all payment streams

The Payment Service Provider – Channel product consists of:

  • Traderoot merchant channel management
  • Traderoot merchant reach
    • Traderoot Agent
    • Traderoot Payment Pages
    • Mobile POS
    • Integrated POS
    • Digital tokens and QR codes

Merchant channel management: Performance, security, reliability

The Traderoot Merchant Channel Manager is designed for businesses that want to be in real-time operational control of their payment and settlement transactions, with full reporting capabilities. It can be fully integrated into existing legacy systems to revitalise them or run side by side with them during a full migration.

Our software is fully PCI PA-DSS compliant, providing you and your customers with the highest level of security and peace of mind.

The PSP–Channel’s merchant channel management modules are more than robust enough for any real-world transaction processing situation.

Traderoot Europe merchant reach

Whether you need to migrate an existing card switch or implement a new solution from the ground up, the Traderoot PSP–Channel solution can ensure easy POS system integration and real-time transaction processing. The solution extends the reach of the payment system to give you more control over transactions from the instant they are initiated, through any channel, to the time of settlement. This reduces the risk of fraud by increasing visibility.

Traderoot Europe Agent

The Traderoot Agent is a point of sale application for certain SmartPOS terminal devices or acts as a POS handler in Small Form Factor (SFF) devices. It is EMV enabled and can accept all chip-and-PIN cards. It supports full card and QR token functionality, as well as voucher or coupon sales, claim capturing, utility payments and account payments. It also provides online registration services with ANSI-standard biometric validation.

Integrated payment processing across all channels

As the world demands more electronic payment methods, and as more payment options for your customers evolve, you need a product that provides secure, reliable and scalable payment channels. Your customers want to be able to pay by whichever method suits them best at the time – card, mobile or online – and they want a single real-time view of their transactions, independent of the channel.

Traderoot’s PSP–Channel is an all-in-one solution that can acquire, authenticate and route transactions across multiple channels in real time. It supports full functionality for all payment channels, including mobile, P2P, P2B, debit and credit cards, and prepaid cards. Traderoot’s PSP–Channel product ensures seamless and secure payment acquiring and aggregates the transactions into a single channel. The solution provides a uniform outcome, whether your customers make card-present transactions at an ATM, kiosk or Point of Sale, or card-not-present transactions such as e-commerce and m-commerce transactions.

Traderoot Europe Payment Pages

Traderoot Payment Pages is an online payment system that enables your merchants to accept payments on their websites. This product is certified and complies with Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by Visa requirements (3DS 1.0).

Traderoot Payment Pages ensures transaction data integrity, security and accuracy for transactions originating from the merchant’s website. By implementing a platform for secure payment technologies, your merchants are assured that transactions are managed with privacy, reliability and security.

The solution uses two-factor authentication between the merchant’s website and the payment software, thereby isolating the merchant’s web payments from public networks, which reduces the risk of fraud and gives them full control of their online payments.

Traderoot Europe terminal reach

The PSP–Channel solution can also manage terminal and POS fleets distributed across a merchant base. It uses a central repository and over-the-air configuration updates, and it meets the security requirements for E2EE certification for Domains 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Traderoot offers a simple and easily managed solution.


  • Reduces fraud and risk
  • Supports card products
  • Integrates with mobile and web pages
  • Provides full control of the payment process
  • Supports multiple merchants on a single platform
  • Gives full control with granular real-time data
  • Builds and manages holistic relationships with your account holders
  • Aggregates payment processing across all channels
  • Fully PCI PA-DSS compliant


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